Derek Peden

Home. That’s 2 consecutive weeks I’ve started with travel 3 out of 5 days. I’ll actually be glad to be in the office for 5 days next week.

Radio playing Land of Confusion by Genesis from 1987. Nothing’s changed in 22 years, we’re still there.

I’m sorry but every time I see someone post an Android screenshot all I can see is the crap in the status bar

Found this Old Timer Dongle.

Conflicted. Travelling tomorrow and I need to take the MacBook Pro, but also want to take my new iPad Pro, even if I never use it. Just a lot to carry.

How did this happen? It’s only been a week?

Well it was wonderful while it lasted, but the 6am call beckons and back to the grindstone for 2019…

Minnie won’t eat her dinner, despite being mixed in with leftover fillet steak. But add some beef slices intended for sandwiches and it’s gone faster than you can say “dog’s dinner”.

Super impressive 24.9Bn pixel image.

So I possibly might have use for an Apple Pencil afterall. My first attempt is a sketch based on a photo of Minnie using the Linea app.

From 2019, hello to all still stuck in 2018. I’m optimistic for a better future than the past 12 months (if not holding my breath)

Combing Hogmanay with “Hug Minnie”, and hoping for no repeat of last year’s fireworks which upset her.

According to The Guardian, No-deal Brexit ferry company owns no ships, has never run Channel service, owes £13.8M. Oh but the brother of one of the company Executives donated £1M to the Conservative Party so it must be ok then.

A Finger isn’t a Pointing Device micro.derekpeden

Sad loss of June Whitfield, a comic genius for over 50 years. Her timing with the line “Just The One Dear?” is just one example.

You heard it here first, Angelina Jolie not ruling out a career in politics.

Liked: Brexit at Bathtime

Walk On The Beach

Walking Minnie & Delta on the beach, then the pub for a bowl of fresh water… and possibly a beer and glass of wine.

Backseat Drivers

Is that the sun up over the yard arm? I guess so.

1st post… from new iPad Pro.

Lunch was an Afternoon Tea. Dinner is cheese & wine.

Playing the Micro.Blog follow-game: Follow 1st person in Discover, then follow 1st their list of people I’m not following, then follow 1st their list of people I’m not following… and so on…

The blame-game of the last decade

Finished for 2018. Finally.