Derek Peden

I love when any product still has the opportunity to surprise and delight, and this evening it’s the turn of Launchbar.

MRI of a foetus. The things we can do.

Lord Heseltine on the People’s Vote March:

I believe passionately that at a time when the far-right is on the rise in Hungary and Poland and populists growing in influence in Italy, France, Germany and Holland, Britain is needed to provide leadership in Europe.

For the majority of my career in politics that is a role we have played with skill, intelligence and integrity – it breaks my heart to see us threatening to walk away from it now.

My thoughts on photographs, and my unabashed approach to posting unedited imperfection images.

Dear President Trump… BBC News: Christchurch mosque shootings: New Zealand to ban military style weapons

Really weird feeling to see you home online in an estate agents website. Even weirder to see the Agent list it on their Facebook page and to watch the (positive) comments roll in.

I might try dark mode again today. I’ll see if I can leave it on for more the 30s this time.

A week ago I’d never heard of New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, but wow has she been impressive, in simultaneously demonstrating both empathy and leadership.

Anyone challenging the reality of climate change should be following BBC News reports from Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

She’s amazing. Such an inspiration.

I think possibly the first time I’ve agreed with George W Bush:

Immigration is a blessing and a strength

After years of using Day One for digital journaling I’m tempted to look at alternatives. Any app which claims to support Markdown but then tried to clever about how the simplest of Markdown text is formatted and presented is actually more of a hinderance than a help.

3 months into the iPad Pro and every time I open an image full screen I still recoil at the sight of those rounded corners. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Microsoft should implement a pay-per-click business model on Office. There’s between 3 and 8 clicks to drill down to every menu in the formatting ribbon and panes, then it resets and you do the same the next time. It’s an exercise is frustration (and a hardware test for mice & trackpads).

If it was possible to have a relationship with software then I’d be taking out a restraining order on Microsoft Excel’s forced quit dialogue.

Bohemians Rhapsody ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mail from Costco approved by Minnie.

I’d hoped 2019 would be the year of improving my indie-web presence, but instead so far it’s been the year of everything but that. I’ve much more to say on this but (as has been evident over the last 10 weeks) I’ve no time to write it. Hopefully later.

Absolutely amazing 123m StarWars Infographic.

Le Tour Eiffel

The grand Iron Lady.

Dear France, the whole point of non-smoking areas in restaurants is that no one is smoking in that area. Next to would be annoying but actually well inside the non-smoking area just shows a complete lack of understanding of the concept.

Looking forward to the joy of the 03:30 alarm and yet another early flight. At least this time it’s not on business but business class.

It seems the French approach to offering English language website translations is limited to the website menus.

Feeling overwhelmed today, with so many things to take in and facing an uncertain future. Trying to be optimistic and looking forwards to a brighter future but the there’s a lot of very hard and difficult weeks and months to come.

Over the last few weeks I’ve realised how much blogging, even micro-blogging, hasn’t yet become muscle memory. When I get super busy it’s one of the first things I forget to make time for. There’s no mental capacity to blog anything or read anyone’s content. So I need to get back on the horse…