Derek Peden

Ordered a cat water fountain. None in Pets at Home. Spend the last 15 minutes slowly pouring water from a cafeteria jug into a large bowl, allowing Bolly (16+) to drink from the flow.

My local supermarket has a complex and expensive aisle of gin, vodka, bourbon, mixers and but has a structural pillar in front of the malt whisky section. I don’t understand why you’d not put the low cost stock mixers there and make more of expensive spirits.

We lost this little girl today, but her 16 years were spoiled. Möet was special. Frequently annoying, but special.


To everyone with cause to complain about macOS reliability, the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side.

Shop at Hamburg Airport has Butter Croissants and (imperfectly translated) “Raisin Snails”.

Even at 11pm there’s still fireworks going off. That Fawkes guy has a lot to answer for.

The Amazon app on my iPhone has a banner for a local event. So their doing events now too?

If I could remove just 1 thing from my life it would be the need for sleep. There’s really so much more I could and should be doing for the next 6-6.5 hours.

I have a confession. I find myself back on Twitter from time to time. If only to write articulately and intelligently to those still pushing for Brexit and hurling abuse at anyone who disagrees with their narrow mind opinion.

Cramming it into 48 hours

Jonathan Freedland, in The Guardian:

All he had to do next was win approval for his accelerated timetable, one that would cram line-by-line scrutiny of a 110-page bill giving legal effect to a 585-page withdrawal agreement, into 48 hours. For a few fleeting, clammy-palmed moments, it seemed as if he might pull it off.

Thankfully not. There’s still hope.

I despair at watching people’s reasoning for accepting the proposed Brexit deal is simple weariness and impatience rather than ensuring a positive future.

I have checked out BBC Parliament this evening in advance of Saturday’s tumultuous debate on the future of the UK. It will probably something to endure more than to enjoy, but it’s fundamental to our future.

Ordered a Luna Display at 25% off as they announce Mac-to-Mac support.

Samsung: Anyone’s thumbprint can unlock Galaxy S10 phone. BBC News. Ouch!

Damn! That moment when you find out that Sidecar, the only “carrot” Apple’s dangled in front of you to “upgrade”(?) to Catalina isn’t supported on your MacBook Pro. You know the one with the life resistant keyboard.

I like Monzo. Buy not the notifications you get on your spending. It’s like having your mother watch your current account.

Found the perfect place for a weekly review. @macgenie Supported by a large glass of Rioja and an iPad Pro.

Who am I today? Who do I want to be tomorrow?

Dual Screen Devices

Breakfast coffee.


Sleep Credit

I’ve been recording my sleep for the last few months using Autosleep. Whilst I’m sure I’m actually improving my health and getting a better nights sleep it’s also an odd thing to watch the sleep credit percentage change. I think it’s impossible to not earn sleep credit at the weekend and spend over the course of the working week. Any random late night hits your sleep credit as hard as any large financial bill hitting your checking account. Just like in financial terms, surely the purpose of gaining credit is to spend it.

Later. Much, much later.

Hooked up an AppleTV (3rd Gen) to the TV. Lost remote in 23 minutes…

Dropped my phone on to carpet, but it bounced on the corner of a table on the way down. Screen scratched around C-V keys to a level I can feel with my fingernail but thankfully not my thumbs when typing.