Derek Peden

Alan Parker RIP. Given that my hard drives take movie director names it was only yesterday that I decided my devices should follow the same pattern and named my MacBook Parker. What a great body of work he left use with.

It seems that Microsoft’s version of copy and paste is pressing the delete key after a copy replaces the clipboard with deleted content. It’s mind blogging that this company is still in business.

End of the “The laminated book of dreams” reports BBC News. Before the internet this contained all my shopping wish lists.

Found the Stilord leather bag range. Nice bags but they haven’t grasped the concept of Youtube, posting 30s “videos” which are basically still images like this.

I seem to have a fallen into the trap laid by the world of mechanical pencils…. how did that happen?

Olivia de Havilland, Golden Age of Hollywood star, dies at 104, BBC News > Olivia de Havilland, one of the last remaining stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, has died at the age of 104.

Software fails when it presents the a dialogue to an alert that software failed to complete its task. Don’t create an alert, do the job.

The interview with John Lewis on BBC News is especially powerful.

First world problems: when you go downstairs and back but your watch didn’t recognise this as a “stand”

Combing through my parents digital “library” to try and make sense of it. Duplicate images and folders, across multiple devices, and in most cases the EXIF Date Taken is “1st January 1980”. It never occurred to them to set the actual date.

Simpsons ends use of white actors to voice people of colour, Was only a matter of time. They’ve only got away with it until now by making fun of everyone, regardless of age group, gender and skin colour.

I think the large radii round rectangles look less professional than, for example, the small radii on the CPU graphics used by Apple. I’d rather see them adopt this design language in the future than the floating dock with fisher-price icons.

Yet again I find myself victim to online abusive language. A response only solicits further rancour, insults and accusations. The internet is a wonderful place but it’s users are very human.

Mojave is Apple's XP OS

We didn’t know it at the time, but 10.14 was and still is the last stable and usable release of the Mac OS, for the time being at least.

Catalina’s bombarding the user with notifications was reminiscent of Windows Vista-style, together with reliability and usability issues. This week’s “BS” announcement subjects the user to additional “chrome”, moves windows into floating pallets, and turns up the transparency dial all the way to 11, macOS 11.

For those unwilling to suffer the transition until Apple dials back down the interface Mojave is the stable, safe choice. I find this incredibly and increasingly disappointing. I need the “it just works” dependability, which is why I’m using Apple products to begin with. “It kind of works, now and again” doesn’t have the same tone or the same impact.

At what point did icons become “buttons”?

Rather than making Catalyst work to create a Mac-like experience, it looks like Apple have cut (or rather rounded) every corner to make Mac OS look like iOS. It’s easy to imagine the meeting looking at engineering resources and coming to that conclusion. It’s just disappointing to see them, leave the Mac behind and move to what is essentially a hybrid of the Mac and iPad operating systems.

I’m really not a fan of Apple doubling down on their trend for rounded rectangles. What’s wrong with windows, design UI having 90 degree corners?

Photographed on my iPhone 6S using my watch as the remote trigger.


After 46 years you’d think I have learned not to gulp soup straight off the hob…

Every time I hear about “smart” home tech I take a further step back from entertaining mix of standards, hubs, and dongles just to turn a light off/on or unlock a door

Playing with Shortcuts a bit more. Really looking at what I can do to automate work. Plus during this time of self isolation I can dictate and that can be a much more productive means of entering text… Although as I’m finding it’s not without its problems.

‘Wobbly’ tracing app ‘failed’ clinical safety and cyber security tests

Predictably useless. Hancock’s half-baked attempt is just another example of this so called “Government’s” ineptitude and hubris.

Tried creating an iOS Shortcut called System that opens “Settings” but can’t bear to watch iOS fall over to Shortcuts then open the App.

Happy Birthday Hubble

Yet despite this my Apple Watch seems intent on telling me I can still take 30minutes of exercise.