Derek Peden

Omg Microsoft! What year is this?

A positive message on “social” media will get a couple of likes. But an opinion results in everyone who disagrees telling you why they disagree, even if they’re answer matches everyone else’s. And there’s no such thing as the last word.

Like the old school letters from our elected representatives, even if I don’t agree with their content.

US gun deaths are at their highest rate in 40 years, according to The World Economic Forum. Sadly, this shouldn’t a surprise to anyone.

I guess I just to develop a thicker skin, and not let this kind of crap bug me so much. But it really does.

The trolling continues.

I really had forgotten that Twitter is Mos Eisley.

There is nothing social about social media.

Some things I have to get off my chest. 2019 is…

I just can’t bring myself to let my Apple Watch Series 4 get wet.

Another confession. I’ve seen Iron Man, and Iron Man 3 but no other Marvel or Avengers movie. First I’ve heard of End Game was after the release date.

I’ve a confession. I’ve not seen any of Game of Thrones. None.

Woof Woof. Clean bowl. Good breakfast apparently.

Another evening spoiled by our idiot neighbour. Tonight he’s sitting at a firepit, sheltered from the driving rain, with the smoke drifting into our house via every window and air vent. 7 weeks until we move house…

Children should be seen but not heard. It’s only as an adult you appreciate the meaning of this. The shouting. The screaming. The kicking a ball against our garden fence. Give me peace.

A Loss To Paris & The World

It’s beyond words. The loss to Paris and the world is incalculable. Having only visited a mere 8 weeks ago, I really don’t have the words to describe the loss of any part of Notre-Dame.

Siri. An exercise is frustration. Of hope over experience. Even with custom shortcuts recorded against my voice it’s still deaf.

Good job Microsoft. Screenshot 2019 04 08 at 20 30 12

The moment when you wish you’d ignored the 14.4 update was 15 minutes ago, and I’m still waiting…

The Brexit experiment hasn’t worked. There is no workable exit for the UK which doesn’t directly negatively impact the UK, regardless of future promises, transitions and negotiations. The government should Revoke Article 50 and let the UK lead in Europe, not be leaving Europe.

Astonishing live natural history by BBC in Blue Planet Live, broadcasting from seas around Australia, Mexico and the Bahamas. Hoping to film various sea creatures. Did I mention this was live?

Democracy is based on voting for people to who are experts, or can listen to experts, not only to Represent but to Lead the people. What is undemocratic is for those same Representatives to ignore the facts and pursue self interest over true Leadership.

The case for email on mobile devices.

I love when any product still has the opportunity to surprise and delight, and this evening it’s the turn of Launchbar.

MRI of a foetus. The things we can do.