Derek Peden

Apparently “Country Roads” is also karaoke classic Finland. Whilst I’m glad to hear that local culture is alive I’m just glad to hear something where I know the words

Brexit day 50p coin unveiled reports BBC News. Another reason to pay by NFC contactless payments and avoid having this filth in you pockets or purse.

Keeping Facebook (for now)

I’m not a frequent user of Facebook and have considered closing my account. What actually keeps me there is Facebook is where people are: people I was at school with, studied and got drunk with at University, friends and family.

My lack of use of any platform for keeping in touch has been brought to bear this evening when I saw a post from an old friend commemorating the loss of 6 members of her family in a tragic accident in 2017. Of course it’s not my unawareness of the tragedy that bothers me but that I wasn’t able to offer any words of comfort then, not that anyone really could. Had I been a more frequent user of the platform then I’d been able to add my voice to may words of comfort that I’m sure she would have received.

That’s not to say that it’s about me. Of course not. But should measure ourselves by the interaction are able to have with others, the shared experiences, both physical and digital.

Facebook should be about people: Our interactions, our relationships, our successes and defeats, our wins and our losses.

Less than 2 weeks into 2020 and I’m already enjoying the new year. I’m sure that there are and will be new challenges this year but I’m looking forward to facing them and enjoying what comes next.

You’ve got to give “Sharon” credit, she really knows to operate social media.

Watching ads before a showing of The Rise of Skywalker. I’m literally the one person here.

Showed my 10 year old niece how to create (not just download) an iOS shortcut to generate a GIF from a still images, just so that she could animate the movement of her dolls

Interesting bug there Microbrains. You’ve found even more ways to screw up

A speech about working together as the country tears itself apart and is pushed towards alienating our nearest neighbours rather the working with them

Apple’s still taunting me with a badge for iOS13. There really should be a way of disabling that, especially when Apple drops the ball on software quality and releases a plague on all our houses.

A “Bumpy” 2019? Did the inarticulate buffoon Boris write the address?

Forecast is for good weather on Christmas Day. We’ll go wild in the whole 4 hours of daylight.

My beloved AirPods (gen1) are on the way out. They’ve started dropping out and are <95% battery out the case for 2hrs. So soon I guess I’ll be looking at the AirPods Pro

KLM failed in their claim that my bag would make my connecting flight yesterday, but did the next best thing in putting it on the very next flight out a few hours later. Nice save. What would be even nicer would be a responsive website for checking progress.

For anyone who’s bothered to follow me on, thank you, but my confession is my programming skills are limited to “Hello World”

Frankfurt Christmas Markets

Admittedly I’ve probably seen less than 5%.

Oh I luv Channel 4 for this! As reported by The Guardian, on a debate on Climate Change, “the absent Boris Johnson was replaced by a melting ice sculpture”.

Or alternatively,

There is no reasoning someone out of a position he has not reasoned himself into.

Or alternatively,

Democracy is even more important for what it prevents than for what it provides.

If you don’t know the exact moment when the lights will go out, you might as well read until they do.

Clive James: Australian broadcaster and author dies aged 80, BBC News

Microsoft Excel. WTF is going on? It’s like they included code to ignore every other click or keystroke! The definition of unresponsive

Bolly, 16, she’s still photogenic in her old age

It’s not even December and I’m already sick of winter. I’m really looking forward to longer days and warmer temperatures.

Ill say one thing positive about Dominic Cumming’s he certainly knows how to right a sound-bight, even if “Get Brexit Done” is both woefully over-simplistic and patronising. Regardless, anyone who’s ever read a book or thought about global issues wants the exact opposite.

Life isn't something I'll get to later

I hate looking at Omnifocus and deciding which tasks I’m deferring, what date do I defer something to when I know I really should be doing it today but that it’s not sufficiently important, imperative or that I just can’t summon the energy to complete it. It’s essentially saying that Life is something I’ll get to later, which is depressing, pessimistic and clearly untrue.