Derek Peden

  • Dial number…
  • press 1… press 2… press 1….
  • Please hold…
  • “Good morning how can I help… ok, let me just transfer you”
  • Please hold…….

This remains an impressive piece of work. Sobering, humbling, and makes you appreciate the “long peace”, even if it isn’t always so peaceful.

Breakdown of "life" in 2020

  • Monday: Work
  • Tuesday: Work
  • Wednesday: Work
  • Thursday: Work
  • Friday: Work
  • Saturday: Close open work issues over last 5 days
  • Sunday: Prepare for work for next 5 days

“Hey Siri… set a reminder for 26 weeks called update to iOS 14”

Watched the Apple Event and I’m actually pleased to see there’s nothing for me. Otherwise Q4 2020 would be hideously expensive.

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

Last night my parents showed my newspaper articles from 1922 written by great great grandfather. This has started me down the rabbit hole that researching the family tree. I’ve made it as far as William Lamb, born in 1677.

Another example of academics and politicians feathering their own nest over COVID

Ship it now, Fix it later

Being a reluctant user of Microsoft products, I’ve found that at least on macOS I can automate may way around the bugs using Keyboard Maestro. I’ve already automated a daily restart of OneDrive, and automated document saving. I’m now considering automating the running the ResetOneDriveAppStandalone.command on timed basis to keep the MacBooks fans below 2500rpm! After 40 years of writing software you’d think they’d have learned to right reliable code by now but instead they follow the ship it now and fix it later mentality. But when is later?

Storm Francis lashes UK. BBC News On the global scale this is a light breeze and hyperbole aside it’s not the “UK” but rather a corner of the England.

This week’s edition of Week in pictures from BBC News encapsulates all of 2020.

If took YouTube’s approach to advertising their would

  • Get free book on us when you open an account -

be an advert slam in middle of the post. Mid sentence.

Brilliant piece by BBC News on the explosion Beirut.

For American’s interested in an outsiders perspective this BBC podcast has got this covered.

I’m one of those people who still doesn’t fully get the Apple Pencil. I know this is as I’ll frequently pick it up to find it’s battery complete discharged and they removes any utility in that moment. I appreciate the chemistry, that the battery will discharge and that there’s no off switch but this simply dilutes the experience and likelihood that I’ll rush to pick it up. It’s a vicious circle.

Lost another hour trying to make the Raspberry Pi 4 boot from USB. This is like owning a Windows PC in the 90’s. It’s far from the “stable” release it claims to be.

Alan Parker RIP. Given that my hard drives take movie director names it was only yesterday that I decided my devices should follow the same pattern and named my MacBook Parker. What a great body of work he left use with.

It seems that Microsoft’s version of copy and paste is pressing the delete key after a copy replaces the clipboard with deleted content. It’s mind blogging that this company is still in business.

End of the “The laminated book of dreams” reports BBC News. Before the internet this contained all my shopping wish lists.

Found the Stilord leather bag range. Nice bags but they haven’t grasped the concept of Youtube, posting 30s “videos” which are basically still images like this.

I seem to have a fallen into the trap laid by the world of mechanical pencils…. how did that happen?

Olivia de Havilland, Golden Age of Hollywood star, dies at 104, BBC News > Olivia de Havilland, one of the last remaining stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, has died at the age of 104.

Software fails when it presents the a dialogue to an alert that software failed to complete its task. Don’t create an alert, do the job.

The interview with John Lewis on BBC News is especially powerful.

First world problems: when you go downstairs and back but your watch didn’t recognise this as a “stand”